Preptober, week 4

I’ve now officially signed on to three writing-based projects or challenges in November AND I’m going to be on the road from the 18th to the 24th!

#NaNoWriMo2019 is gonna be interesting. Watch this space for meltdowns.

October 22: Aesthetic

From my hastily slapped together pinboard.

The project’s aesthetic is pretty standard as far as westerns go.
I’m setting it in the PNW because it’s what I know and have access to.
I have my eyes on nearby areas with a historical west aesthetic like Old Blewett Highway, Winthrop, & rural Douglas county.
There are some other elements at play, evoking foreign or even extraterrestrial scenes. I’m not totally settled on how I’m going to handle that yet, but I’m sure it will come.

October 23: Themes

Mountains, boom towns, & mythology.

Thematic elements are largely old west, but I’m bringing in a good smattering of Greek mythology, American folktales, early 20th century spiritualism, and general PNW otherworldly wildness including cryptids and extraterrestrials.

October 24: Secondary characters

From L to R: Ina, Elizabeth, Scarborough, and Nat as represented by shit I found on my desk.

Here are a few supporting characters that I have hashed out to various degrees:

  • Atropina or Ina is a heroic counterpart — I guess on some levels she would be considered a romantic interest, but is not the only or primary romantic interest in Dante’s orbit. She is a gifted assassin and herbalist. She has a strong reaction to spinning wheels and looms.
  • Elizabeth — Dante’s mom — is a very religiously-inclined woman in middle age with a strong aversion to anything supernatural or spiritualist.
  • Reverend X.J. Scarborough — Elizabeth’s romantic interest, problematic for Dante & play on the sinister minister trope.
  • Nat is a heroic counterpart and romantic interest. He is a former ranchhand who comes to work as a bellhop/waiter/man about the house at Elizabeth Blickley’s hotel.

October 25: Motivation

My grandfather, GySgt RE Francis, with his beloved horses.

As far as this project goes, I’m super interested in digging into and subverting old west themes.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a begrudging fan of the western genre — though it includes some of the most problematic movies & books ever written.
Some of my best childhood memories include talking paperbacks and watching westerns with my papa. It’s been a long time though. After he died in 2003, I kind of quit the genre.
Overall, I have a strong urge to not just remember, but break the things and inject weird, queer, & profane elements to create a world both thoroughly nostalgic & completely my own.
There is also an element of wanting to create a more fitting world to escape into, which is why I write any fiction.

October 26: Writing buddies

Writing/D&D friends: Root/T, Bratum/E, Braise/C, and Kestrel/D

Of my writing buddies, some are participating in NaNo and some aren’t. Some I met through writing, some through other friends, some through work. I love them all, and wish them the best of luck with their work this month and onward.

October 27: #socksunday

I don’t know the fuck to do with this, but here’s a picture of my socks I guess!

October 28: Week 4 check-in

Getting stoked to play Mel (and also Gordy) as a Call of Cthulhu keeper in November.

I’ve spent most of my time writing Call of Cthulhu encounters & got sidetracked after finding some relevant books at a library book sale. So, now I’m scrambling to catch up because I need to hit the ground running Nov. 1.
I’m aiming for 80k in November and want to already be at 50k by the time I leave for Seattle midmonth AND I’m participating in a poem-a-day chapbook challenge AND have to run two Call of Cthulhu sessions.

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