Preptober, week 2

Okay, so I’m still rolling on the October challenges.
I’m working on getting the Inktober stuff caught up, but lateness happened again.
I’m cannot foresee a day when my shit will be together, but I will not give up, damn it.

Anyway, here are my Preptober responses.

October 8: Writing music

What I listen to is determined by the type of writing I’m doing and the current level of brain scramble-fication.
If my brains are frazzled or I’m writing poetry or a complicated narrative I tend to listen to chillwave, classical, or jazz without vocals.
If I’m mentally solid and/or doing prewrite work I’m listening to actual stuff.
Some Spotify recents: Zeal & Ardor, Genghis Tron, Nevermore, Opeth, Schoolyard Heroes, Fastbacks, Ghost, Dance Gavin Dance, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, Cream, MC Chris, Deep Purple, Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, Daughters, Protest the Hero, Soundgarden, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Soft Machine, Childish Gambino, Mastodon, Sleater-Kinney, Eisley, KMFDM, Within Temptation, Frank Zappa, and Bent Knee.

October 9: Logline

A laborer and small-time folk musician is on the run from his haunted past when he becomes the unlikely ally of a wrathful goddess after crossing a famous & dangerous outlaw in a frontier dance hall.

October 10: Inspiration

Well, uh everywhere? My 2019 project has been on the back burner for awhile. I knew I wanted to write an atypical western and also knew I wanted to write a book continuing the story of a character from a previous project. Two birds stoned at once…
I’ve gotten several ideas from dreams and from both satisfying and unsatisfying stories that set me to thinking.
If I’m really stuck, tarot cards are a great way of randomizing archetypes, actions, and outcomes. I’ve also rolled up characters with a d20 when things were feeling stale.

October 11: Where you write

Google Docs allows me to write anywhere, which is nice. I’ve written poems while carpooling and dialogue while standing in line.
But I mostly just write on my office desktop. It’s boring and predictable and I get less done than I should because my office is also where I keep all of my instruments, art supplies, and books…
But the job gets done, eventually.

October 12 : Writing fuel

I mostly drink black coffee and La Croix (the best flavors are Blackberry Cucumber and Key Lime, fight me).
If I’m writing hell trio stories or Call of Cthulhu materials, I may have a whisky & coke or a glass of wine.
I try not to eat at the keyboard because its messy. However, Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno chips are definitely my jam.

October 13: Writing books

I’ve read several.
The most enjoyable was “On Writing” by Stephen King.
The most influential were probably “The Successful Writer Mindset” by Joanna Penn and “The Marshal Plan for Novel Writing” by Evan Marshall.

October 14: Week 2 check-in

No time for makeup, filters, sleep: A whole aesthetic

Wellll fuck, I actually have very little to show for the last week.

  • I wrote another ukulele song for a homebrew Call of Cthulhu campaign and created some of the intro docs for the same campaign. Unfortunately, that was content nobody asked for nor wanted.
  • I re-read a good part of “The White Cascade” by Gary Krist to refresh on dates of railroad expansion in the Cascades — so I did something on topic.
  • I had an ah-ha moment while running and emailed myself the plot fix to the book series I’m editing atm. I’ve yet to reopen Scrivener and start looking at what it will take to implement that fix. A bit scared, tbh…
  • I wrote more tarot poems!

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