National hole up in your office & write while weeping month

I’m a barely-cohesive mess at times, but here we go… It’s almost April & Camp NaNoWriMo/National Poetry Writing Month are upon us.

As long as I don’t have another digestive episode* or get the damn virus, I will be writing and weeping along with you all.

I’m going to follow along with NaPoWriMo, continue editing “Created,” & continue working on my non-linear hell trio bit & record my cumulative word count.

I’ve set up my profile on NaNoWriMo & writing buddies are welcomed.

I’m hoping to hit 20k overall. I decided to keep my goal lower than a typical camp run because a) I’m also working on a few art & music projects that I can’t track and b) it’s the middle of a fucking pandemic.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to do daily or weekly poetry posts. I tend to gravitate toward weekly because I like to revisit, edit, & play around with things for a couple of days — but I also want to interact with people, so I’ll just have to see how things shake out as I go.

If you’re posting daily or weekly on your blog, let me know via email or connect w me on social media. I’ll be glad to read & boost your work as much as I can.

Finally, if anyone comes out of next month with a manuscript they want beta read, edited, or possibly laid out let me know.

I’m good to go on critiques, beta reads, edits — I’ve cleared out all my hard deadline projects. & I’m working on getting a new computer because the Adobe suite won’t work on this one (Windows 7), but have been using GIMP/Scribus with okay results.

I can take on a few projects for free or very cheap depending on the amount of work needed.

I do want to mention that I’m not offering free/cheap editing to undercut other editors/page designers & obviously, I’m one person with a limited amount of free time. However, I’m lucky enough to have already paid April’s rent & as long as I stay home & don’t need to go to the Dr. (I’m uninsured) I’m probably going to be okay financially for awhile. That’s a huge advantage & I want to help others where I can.

My hobby work is mostly useless in a pandemic, but if I can help out anxious creators in less than awesome circumstances I’ll do that.

For now, if you want to support my content or editing projects, you can tip me at Ko-Fi.

* I’m ok. Groceries were hard to come by for awhile & I bought some things that weren’t certified gf but had no wheat or gluten allergy declaration. I think I ended up with contaminated granola & it laid me out for a day, but I didn’t eat much & I’m feeling ok now.

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