Reading: New moon in Gemini

I decided to do something a little different for the new moon — so here’s a cutsey romance reading.

I used the Kawaii Tarot deck with Bananya playing cards as clarifiers.

The oracle is hand-scrawled romantic messages based on possible reads of both upright and reversed meanings of every major and minor arcana card. I wanted to keep my hands busy while watching a panel debate the other day & I was bored with cutting birds out of magazines, so that’s what happened.

Next week I will probably do a different spread than usual. My birthday is the 30th, so I may do something specific about the year ahead.

Anyway, here’s this week’s reading…

The readings

I’ve organized the readings by zodiac element — simply because it left me with four clean reading options. The elements are: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagitarius); Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

If you’re anti-astrology, you are welcome to just pick a pile & roll with it. Or you can select the reading for your rising or moon sign if you’re feeling that more at the moment.

Really, it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to find a story in the cards, have a chat about it, & see if it’s relevant or maybe just laugh at my complete inability to even begin to thread the needle.


The cards I drew were:

  • The four of swords in reverse clarified by the nine of cups
  • The page of cups clarified by the eight of cups
  • The six of wands in reverse clarified by the five of pentacles
  • The two of cups in reverse clarified by the two of wands
  • Oracle messages: “I’m willing to do anything for you,” “I am willing to wait for you,” “We need to come to a decision,” & “You think I don’t know what you’re up to, but I do…”

The four of swords upright would indicate that the querent needs to take a step back, take a breather, recuperate. In reverse with the surrounding cards, I tend to read this as a need to come out of a more stagnant state & become active. With the clarifying nine of cups, it feels like the querent will be moved out of this stagnation by realizing a possible wish or dream come true. Cups often particularly indicate emotional connection in romance reading. Combined, the cards feel like awakening of deep feelings caused by romantic attraction or connection.

The page of cups, clarified by the eight of cups feels like a doubling down of that energy. The page can symbolize inspiration or a romantic message and the eight of cups is a card of movement, transition, and change — moving away from what does not satisfy in particular. It’s possible that you could receive a romantic message that will cause you to consider travel, but with the previous cards in consideration it’s more likely that you realized that a connection could have potential & you will be moved to action, perhaps offering a romantic message of your own.

The six of wands upright typically talks about winning or being acknowledged by your community. In reverse, combined with the five of pentacles — which is a card of feeling like an outsider — there is likely a significant feeling of apprehension around this awakening. The querent may not be clear on the feelings of their counterpart & likely fears being rejected.

But that fear is resolved in the next two cards. The two of cups in reverse clarified by the two of wands offers the advice to plan an honest approach and communicate openly with good intention. With the four of swords in reverse, you have already done your time with the thinky parts of this, there’s no reason to continue to overanalyze. Cups represent emotion & wands passion, so move in a way that is consistent with your deepest feelings & don’t let yourself get caught up in doubt or overanalysis.

The oracle messages are pretty straightforward. I tend to read them as messages from the querent’s intended — be it a current partner or potential. The first two messages are solid support, regardless this person is going to be there for you. However, “we need to come to a decision” is a gentle push toward resolution, combined with that four of swords in reverse, it’s possible that the querent has left this person hanging for awhile, even if they didn’t realize it. In the connotation of this reading, I think it’s likely that “You think I don’t know what you’re up to, but I do” indicates that whatever move the querent is pondering is likely something their intended would be receptive toward.

TLDR: After a period of stagnation, you will feel stirred to chase after something you desire. This movement is likely to create a need for communication and possibly travel. & while there may be fear of rejection, honest movement will feel better than stagnating & overanalyzing the situation.


The cards I drew were:

  • The nine of pentacles clarified by the eight of swords
  • The two of swords clarified by the four of swords
  • The eight of pentacles clarified by the nine of wands
  • The knight of cups clarified by the four of cups
  • Oracle messages: “I can’t stop fantasizing about you,” “We are almost there,” “I don’t know what to expect with you,” & “This connection feels like work.”

The nine of pentacles is a card of financial independence & standing strong alone, when clarified by the eight of swords it’s likely that the querent may feel trapped by a need to maintain their financial independence or feel restricted by their job.

The two of swords talks about the need to make a decision — yet, there is also a feeling of it being a blind choice, of not yet knowing which way to go. When clarified by the four of swords, there is a need to sit with the possibilities a little longer. The four of swords is a card of rest and rejuvenation. It’s possible that this is just not an advantageous time to make a move one way or another, especially where finances are involved.

The eight of pentacles symbolizes the grind, putting the word in, being diligent in earthly matter. While the nine of swords talks about sleeplessness & anxiety. This is a lot of the same energy we saw with the first two cards because interestingly enough, we’re looking at the same two suits, same two positions but swapped.

The last card in the tarot draw is the knight of cups, which is often a message of love, giving or receiving some romantic declaration, movement in the realm of emotion and romance — yet it’s being clarified by the four of cups, which is a card symbolizing boredom, dissatisfaction & perhaps not appreciating what is being offered to you. Overall, this feeling is that of just not really being into romance at the moment or at least being ill prepared to make any big moves at the time, which definitely jives with the two of swords/four of swords energy. It’s also a message that perhaps you don’t realize what you are being offered because you are too caught up at the moment.

The oracle messages indicate that there is someone who is interested & perhaps they’re even pushing the querent with “I don’t know what to expect with you” & “This connection feels like work” appearing. However, “We are almost there” is comforting. The message indicates an acknowledgement that there is a lot to be done in the current moment & your intended sees that (this is ten of wands upright energy, FYI).

TLDR: Times are tough & your hustle may be holding you back from making any big moves for the time being. Yet, realize that nothing lasts forever & right now it may be more important to take care of yourself & wait for the right time to make your moves. Take your time & be aware of what’s around you, things will look up soon enough.


The cards I drew were:

  • The knight of swords clarified by the ten of cups
  • Strength clarified by the queen of wands
  • The empress clarified by the nine of swords
  • The ten of wands clarified by the queen of pentacles
  • Oracle messages: “You need to think before you speak,” “It’s time to move on,” “You don’t even know I exist,” & “You need to love yourself first”

The knight of swords is a card of action & when clarified by the ten of cups, it indicates a deep knowing of what makes you happy combined with the drive to chase after it.

In the second position we have the strength card clarified by the queen of wands. Strength symbolizes more of a “soft” control, perseverance, persistence — versus the chariot which speaks of “hard control, will, determination. The queen of wands is the creative queen, she follows her inspiration & functions with a keen sense of how to manage a myriad of projects.

The empress is another divine feminine symbol, she is fertile and abundant, & when she is clarified by the nine of swords I get a lot of the same feeling I got with Strenght/Queen of Wands — persevering in the face of adversity through creativity. The nine of swords also has an “up all night” feel to it, an anxious feel. This comes off as a particular invitation to channel all your anxious energy into creating something.

& if the most anxious energy in this draw is that knight of swords ready to charge after what he wants. Perhaps it would be more productive to channel that energy into creating something rather than chasing someone.

Finally we have the ten of wands, a card of putting the work in & nearly reaching completion clarified by the queen of pentacles, the most practical & consistent of the queen archetypes. This is a super consistent message — keep going, keep your nose to the grindstone — especially where creative work is involved — and don’t allow yourself to go off half-cocked chasing someone.

The oracle message of “You need to think before you speak” actually came from the knight of swords reversed (lol), this is a strong indication of the shadow side of the card being prevalent. It’s best not to make any rash moves at the moment. In this context, “It’s time to move on” is an invitation to let go of that chase energy or even channel it into something else. “You don’t even know I exist” is an indication that if you have been chasing someone, it’s not really coming off like you think it is. Again, I feel like the focus needs to be on your work, your projects (“You need to love yourself first”) & that the chase you wish to engage in could be mostly rooted in vanity & is likely to be misconstrued. It’s best to keep working & build your focus until the right time comes.

TLDR: Someone has caught your eye & you are pumped to chase them. However, you need to consider the roots of these feelings & make sure you’re putting the work into yourself before you go after someone else. Don’t be caught off-guard, you’re close to a personal breakthrough & once that happens, then you may decide to commence the chase.


The cards I drew were:

  • The five of wands in reverse clarified by the queen of cups
  • The page of wands clarified by the two of swords
  • The nine of wands clarified by the seven of cups
  • The knight of wands clarified by the five of swords
  • Oracle messages: “I am ready to let you go,” “I can’t stop watching you,” “I am bored with this connection,” & “You are everything to me”

The five of wands upright is a frenetic energy, it’s fighting but without any direction or purpose. I often read the card as conflict for its own sake. In reverse, especially when clarified by the soothing & nurturing queen of cups, I’m seeing it as a want to lay down your arms. The querent may feel an aversion to conflict & may have gone through a particularly tumultuous time & just be ready for less drama.

The page of wands is a card of movement & literal travel, it also has a less than serious demeanor to it — pages are the youngest, least mature of the court energies. When clarified by the two of swords — a card indicating a need to make a serious, perhaps blind, choice — it’s a feeling that the querent either feels flippant about a choice they need to make or feels the urge to bolt altogether and avoid a decision or commitment.

The nine of wands gets to the root of the fickle energy of the last two, especially when clarified by the seven of cups. There is as choice fatigue — it feels like there are too many choices & the querent not sure which way to go — in fact, there are perhaps so many seemingly viable choices that the querent doubts any are legit. It could also be read as just exhaustion with fantasy. It’s possible that the querent has spent a considerable amount of time fantasizing about a certain connection & has started to believe that there’s no way to move it forward.

Finally, we get to the knight of wands, this knight is ready to make a move but the action may not come from the best place. I read the knight of wands as a bit of a fuckboi, but overall the knight will only do what they want, they’re not going to entertain anything boring or below whatever standard they think they’re deserving of. The five of swords is a mixed energy — in the traditional Rider-Waite we have three people in different positions following the end of a tift where there was an obvious winner. Clarifying the knight of wands energy, I read this as a willingness to lose if the need should arise… “So be it!”

As far as the oracle messages go there is some conflict: “I am ready to let you go,” but “I can’t stop watching you.” “I am bored with this connection” but “You are everything to me.”

It’s quite possible that the querent is tired of fighting for a connection, tired of being on alert, being ready to make the leap — that they are coming to a point of moving any way just for the sake of movement. Based on the oracle cards being “messages from your intended,” I see the same conflict there. Whatever contradictory energy you feel is likely something that your partner or potential partner feels as well.

TLDR: You’ve been waiting to make your move for a long time & have lost yourself in fantasy while you were getting ready. But if you can find any way to moving forward, it’s likely you will take it on impulse. Since you’re no longer afraid of losing, you’re more likely to leap, & you may fall, but you may be met halfway.

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