Reading: First quarter moon

Saturday is my birthday & I’m feeling particularly lazy, so this week’s read is entirely ordinary.

Here are some notes from my previous read post in case you missed it:

In the past I’ve mostly done drunk tarot readings with friends on sabbats. But since we are no longer able to meet up, I plan to offer somewhat sober online readings weekly, by the moon cycle. I’m a little behind as the Flower Moon was actually on the 7th, but I’ll try to be a little early next week.

For me, tarot is super fucking fun. Here are all these random symbols, archetypes & you have to try to weave a story out of it. & sometimes that story functions — like myriad other narratives — as a mirror allowing you to see your own situation from another perspective.

It’s fucking brilliant & I love it, but it’s entertainment, it’s storytelling. While I consider myself a fairly intuitive & empathetic human being, I’m nothing special. I claim no particular talent & in general, I know nothing.

I tend to read in a way that emphasizes positive growth & try to offer a couple of different interpretations to make room for different philosophical or spiritual perspectives. However, I’m not interested in writing a novel-length interpretations, so my advice is to take what best suits you & leave the rest behind.

Note: These readings are very freeform & I’m probably only going to go back through & edit as needed, so if you see a typo or a sentence that does not make sense please let me know. Since I tend to ramble, I will include a TLDR version at the end.

The readings

I’ve organized the readings by zodiac element — simply because it left me with four clean reading options. The elements are: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagitarius); Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

If you’re anti-astrology, you are welcome to just pick a pile & roll with it. Or you can select the reading for your rising or moon sign if you’re feeling that more at the moment.

Really, it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to find a story in the cards, have a chat about it, & see if it’s relevant or maybe just laugh at my complete inability to even begin to thread the needle.


I pulled the following cards:

Zodiac: Water (24)
Moonology: Full moon in Capricorn (“The end of a tough cycle approaches”)
Tarot: The moon (r) clarified by the five of cups, the queen of wands clarified by the lovers, the two of pentacles clarified by the wheel of fortune in reverse
TUHYB: “Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all.”

We start off the reading with the water oracle card. Water signifies emotion, healing, cleansing. Between the moonology oracle and the first position of tarot, it appears that the querent is coming out of a difficult period.

Let’s look at that first position, the moon upright has strong ties to The High Priestess card. It represents the pure unknown without the human translator, with the reversal, especially when clarified by the five of cups — I tend to read it in this spread as not being able to see the truth of things because the querent was too busy mourning another situation OR getting the wrong idea about something and being put off immediately, choosing to mourn it as a loss instead of continuing to dig into it.

The center of the reading shows the crux of the situation. The queen of wands clarified by The Lovers. The Queen of Wands is the creative queen, she’s passionate & self-assured, able to manage multiple creative projects at once. The archetype is also physically beautiful. Taking the clarification into account it’s possible that the querent has met someone that fits this archetype and this is what’s causing the problems we’re seeing in the rest of the spread.

I could read this two different ways. Either the querent is romantically attached to a someone who fits the archetype, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a feminine presenting person but someone who embodies or is currently working with that archetypical energy. Or there is someone who embodies the archetype that the querent must make a major decision about — it could be a business partner, a friend, or a family member.

The two of pentacles indicates a need to find balance in the situation, especially with the wheel of fortune in reverse as a clarifier. I would read this as an indication that the querent is still working on pulling things together regarding this situation & perhaps things got off on the wrong foot. Perhaps a lot of extra work came on account of just sheer bad luck throwing a connection or situation off.

Finally we have the advice from The Universe Has Your Back: “Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all.” Like I said, this deck is kind of fluffy, but whether you are actually praying or just hoping for a specific outcome, the advice is to release the outcome and hope for the best. This advice is sound regardless because it doesn’t do any good to worry about the ultimate outcome. Stay out of your head & focus on having an open heart & living in the moment.

TLDR: There’s a possibility that you weren’t seeing what was right in front of you & while you may not have all the information you wish you had, ultimately a decision will need to be made here. Get right in your head & wait for the timing to feel right. Any outcome is better than remaining in this stagnant energy.


I pulled the following cards:

Zodiac: Air (25)
Moonology: Balsamic moon (“A time for healing”)
Tarot: The ten of pentacles reversed clarified by the four of cups reversed, the ten of cups reversed clarified by the knight of swords reversed, the three of wands reversed clarified by the chariot reversed.
TUHYB: “The moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me”

Air energy brings clarity & represents knowledge — including the bitter truth. & with all of these reversals, the truth may have a certain tang at the moment.

We start with the ten of pentacles reversed clarified by the four of cups reversed. This reads as a situation that was left stagnant for too long & is now threatening the querent’s sense of stability.

Next we have another ten in reverse, the ten of cups. So while the ten of pentacles represents family, home, & long-term stability — the ten of cups represents familial love, devotion, & emotional fulfillment. With both in the reverse the querent’s hope & feelings for the future are likely compromised. Clarified by the knight of swords, it’s likely that a blunt message caused the problem.

This shaky vision of the future is apparent in the last two cards, the three of wands is a card of waiting for your ships to come in — in reverse, esp when clarified by the stagnant reversed chariot — I’m pulled to read it as the querent giving up on a certain vision of their future.

This could apply broadly. The message or idea could be regarding an individual OR a job/career path that the querent suddenly realized was unlikely to bring them the stability and fulfillment they’d hoped.

Bringing us back to that first oracle — air. Air energy is not soft. So, I’m drawn to read this as advice to take it as it is and sit with it.

With the moonology advice being “A time for healing,” it could be that there is a need to sit with & understand the energy & heal any wounds the initial understanding may have brought about before taking decisive action.

Finally, we have the advice from The Universe Has Your Back: “The moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me.” This doubles down on the healing message. Do not let it continue to wound you but sit with it and consider what this information means to you & how you wish to move forward once the time comes.

TLDR: You’ve come to realize a harsh truth that has caused you to reconsider potential career or relationship paths. The advice at this time is to sit with the information & allow yourself time to heal from the shock while you consider your next move. Moving forward with good intentions will bring the best outcome.


Zodiac: Saturn (19) and Mars (17)
Moonology: North node (“Step out of your comfort zone”)
Tarot: The sun clarified by the six of coins in reverse, the five of pentacles reversed by the nine of swords in reverse, the ace of pentacles in reverse
TUHYB: “Joy is the ultimate creator”

I had two Zodiac oracle cards come out: Saturn, representing goals and ambitions, & Mars, representing, competitiveness & assertiveness. Combined with the Moonology card, “Step out of your comfort zone,” there’s a need to be fearless where your ambitions are involved.

The sun in the first position is clarified by the six of pentacles in reverse. I tend to read this as an inability to find balance with the things that make the querent happy. The querent obviously knows what they want & knows that they want to move toward it, but also don’t really understand how to allocate time & resources the best way to reach their goals.

In the middle we have the five of pentacles clarified by the nine of swords in reverse. This is an energy of understanding you are on the outside, but also understanding that you cannot continue mourning & fretting over it. There’s a “no more fucks to give” feel to this draw. It’s possible that the querent is exhausted with worrying whether their ideas will be accepted by the larger community & seeks to find a way to balance what makes them happy.

The final tarot draw had no clarifier (I miscounted my cards on the initial draws) but I don’t know that it needs a whole lot of clarification. The ace of pentacles is the spark of something new, something concrete being brought into the material world. This is addressing the failure of an idea being brought to fruition.

Honestly, this is the most writers block spread I’ve read & the advice from the oracle reads resoundingly along with that: “Joy is the ultimate creator.” I see the advice here as find your internal balance & let the external things balance themselves, don’t give up because the spark is there even if it’s currently blocked.

TLDR: If you feel creatively blocked, you need to focus on how to get back in balance & get in touch with the things that spark your creativity. Reserve your resources for research & creation & do your best to let go of external worries. Create authentically & explore new outlets for your creativity.


Zodiac: Jupiter (18)
Moonology: Full moon in Aquarius (“Show the world the real you”) and Full moon in Gemini (“The answers you seek are coming”)
Tarot: Six of cups reversed clarified by the three of cups, the knight of cups clarified by the queen of cups, the seven of pentacles reversed clarified by the seven of cups
TUHYB: “When I’m connected to my joyful presence I attract support from the universe”

Jupiter represents good luck & expansion. When Jupiter comes up in a read, I tend to read it as an opportune time to move forward. The moonology cards beg authenticity and truthfulness. Roll the three together & I tend to read it as an opportunity to interact openly and deeply with someone or multiple someones.

This idea continues with the seven of cups in reverse clarified by the three of cups, which I read as joy & friendship giving the querent reason to stop wandering. There’s no reason to look for a better place when you come to realize there is a lot to celebrate here.

The knight of cups brings the possibility of an emotional message or breakthrough idea. This is clarified by the queen of cups, she’s the ultimate supporter — kind & nurturing. This could be support from a community, from a friends or family, or even a declaration of love from a potential romantic partner.

In the last position we see the seven of pentacles clarified by the seven of cups — two sevens. In tarot, seven is a number of challenges. The seven of pentacles challenges the querent to consider if their actions have yielded the results they’d hoped for & the seven of cups challenges the querent to make a decision, though the options may be cloudy. In reverse & combined with the previous cards, I feel like these may have been problems you had in the past, but the path will be made very clear by this message, support or idea that comes to you.

Finally we have the oracle card that reads: “When I’m connected to my joyful presence I attract support from the universe.” I would take this more as when I approach things positively — or even just not negatively — I’m more likely to get a positive outcome. & when you create from an authentic place, you’re more likely to resonate with others & that connection is likely to drum up support.

TLDR: A positive message is likely to boost your productivity & clarify the path forward this week. Communicate with others truthfully & they are likely to return the favor. Don’t count yourself out before anything actually happens.

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