Quarterly read: Honey moon

Okay, so this time I wanted to do something different & I just got my first Thoth/Crowley deck so…

Here we have a set of readings that have a very different feel to them — perhaps because I’m deep in the weeds of my own borderline-nihilistic thoughts or perhaps because the new cards gave me new ideas to work with.

Either way, I think I may start to develop some new read styles going forward. I’m really too tapped project-wise to go forward with the Youtube stuff at this time. I’m thinking another month at least. Overall, I’m not in a great spot mentally at this point & shouting into the void via this blog is familiar & comfortable.

So, here are some notes from my previous read post in case you missed it:

In the past I’ve mostly done drunk tarot readings with friends on sabbats. But since we are no longer able to meet up, I plan to offer somewhat sober online readings weekly, by the moon cycle. I’m a little behind as the Flower Moon was actually on the 7th, but I’ll try to be a little early next week.

For me, tarot is super fucking fun. Here are all these random symbols, archetypes & you have to try to weave a story out of it. & sometimes that story functions — like myriad other narratives — as a mirror allowing you to see your own situation from another perspective.

It’s fucking brilliant & I love it, but it’s entertainment, it’s storytelling. While I consider myself a fairly intuitive & empathetic human being, I’m nothing special. I claim no particular talent & in general, I know nothing.

I tend to read in a way that emphasizes positive growth & try to offer a couple of different interpretations to make room for different philosophical or spiritual perspectives. However, I’m not interested in writing a novel-length interpretations, so my advice is to take what best suits you & leave the rest behind.

Note: These readings are very freeform & I’m probably only going to go back through & edit as needed, so if you see a typo or a sentence that does not make sense please let me know. Since I tend to ramble, I will include a TLDR version at the end.

The readings

I’ve organized the readings by zodiac element — simply because it left me with four clean reading options. The elements are: Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagitarius); Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

If you’re anti-astrology, you are welcome to just pick a pile & roll with it. Or you can select the reading for your rising or moon sign if you’re feeling that more at the moment.

Really, it doesn’t matter. We’re just going to find a story in the cards, have a chat about it, & see if it’s relevant or maybe just laugh at my complete inability to even begin to thread the needle.


I pulled the following cards:

Literary Witches Oracle: Wings
Thoth: Abundance (3 of Cups), Strength (9 of Wands), Strife (5 of Wands)
Egyptian tarot: The Emperor, 3 of Pentacles reversed, 3 of wands in reverse

The wings oracle card represents wishes, ambition, and wandering. So, that’s our overall energy — noted, let’s press on.

The first tarot card we have is the three of cups in the Thoth deck clarified by The Emperor. The Thoth/Crowley interpretation of the 3 of cups is pretty close. In the case of the Thoth interpretation, “Abundance” is tangible pleasure & not necessarily only in earthly means, as cups indicate water or emotional energy. So it indicates a deep satisfaction with a situation that includes a level of emotional satiety. Clarified by the Emperor, the ultimate king archetype (also symbolizing Aries, a fire energy), it feels like the querent has come into their power — perhaps through attaining a sort of success through a career or ambition.

If we roll that interpretation into that first oracle, the ambition could include travel or perhaps the situation that the querent has created is so pleasurable that they are finding their usual feelings of wanderlust absent.

The next card is Strength, 9 of Wands, this is a card of survival in the Rider-Waite, in outlasting the battle & looking on with the wary eye of experience. In Thoth interpretation, the feeling is a little lighter. There is a component of experiencing a shift, a surge in energy or health, or just a change in the stability of the querent’s current situation. Clarified by the 3 of Pentacles in reverse, there is a feeling of perhaps finding the right corners to cut in order to gain a breath or get a grip on an otherwise overwhelming situation. So, there’s some advice there — go ahead, hit your stride, but if you’re not putting in the work it is likely to catch up with you eventually.

And we end with Strife, 5 of wands, which is a card of competition and quarreling. Clarified by the 3 of wands in reverse, a lack of sufficient planning or your plans never coming to fruition, I feel that the advice from the last position is doubled down upon. If you don’t put in the work, you’re likely to face conflict when your plans do not come through as you’d hoped.

TLDR: You may have hit some stride where your ambitions are concerned, but make sure that you have put the work in to the process. Cutting corners may gain you some ground to begin with, but is likely to catch up with you & throw your plans into chaos.


I pulled the following cards:

Literary Witches Oracle: Wolf
Thoth: Happiness (9 of Cups), Prudence (8 of Discs), Princess of Wands (Page of Wands)
Egyptian tarot: 4 of Wands, 8 of swords, Page of cups

We start off with the wolf oracle card, which represents “the self without others, a calling, the great expanse.”

The first card in the tarot spread is Happiness (9 of cups) in Thoth this remains the card of wishes fulfilled, it’s clarified by the four of wands which is a card of stability. The interesting things about these two cards building to create a symbol of happy constancy is that they are built of intangible emotional (cups) and creative (wands) energy rather than the concrete feel of the pentacles. To me this reads as a yearning for a different type of stability — a creative passion that you can build a business upon, a long-term relationship with both passion & love.

In the next position we have Prudence (8 of discs) clarified by the 8 of swords. In the Thoth context, the 8 of pentacles is more about using your talents to put away tangible rewards for another day. The 8 of swords presence reads as worrying or losing sleep over trying to sustain this ability to put away or even just support yourself.

In the final position we have two pages, pages are the youngest energy of the court, and based on what I’m reading overall, I read these as feeling as if the querent is starting out in aspiration, in connection. The Princess of Wands is a brash energy, chasing ambition with little regard for how it effects others or even how it could effect the querent. The Page of Cups is more gentle, it represents new inspiration and love. Together, there is a feeling of mastering the in-between & of devising radical ways to chase the spark of inspiration.

When we circle back and take into account the oracle card the message becomes a very internal one. The querent is being asked what is working? What parts of their current situation is truly serving them & what is causing worry & nightmares? It is vital that the querent differentiates what is serving THEM from what is serving those around them. The next question the querent needs to consider is what’s working & still evoking fears over the utility of the skill or relationship regarding your future?

The advice is to fall back on the things that inspire, spark passion, the things you want to chase. Don’t grind yourself down on what’s not working for you to please someone else, but also don’t allow yourself to worry that you can’t monetize every single thing that makes you feel alive. Creating our place in the world takes time & consideration in the best of times, be generous with yourself.

TLDR: Don’t let anxiety make you dull or only do things that feel safe. Find radical ways to go after the ideas & relationships that make you feel alive. Make your own calls. Permanence comes with practice.


I pulled the following cards:

Literary Witches Oracle: Eye
Thoth: The Chariot (VII), The Moon (XVIII), The Devil(XV), Success (6 of Discs)
Egyptian tarot: 2 of Wands, 8 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles reversed

We take our overall theme from the Eye oracle card which symbolizes “seeking answers, seeing clearly, paying attention.”

The first tarot card is The Chariot, the chariot is the major arcana of watery Cancer. It symbolizes force, movement, & mastery. Clarified by the 2 of Wands it is a feeling of plans paying off. Overall the cards symbolize the cycle of creating new plans and goals and chasing them with the right amount of force & expertise.

In the second position we have The Moon which is a card of the unknown and wild in the universe. This is clarified by the 8 of cups which in traditional Rider Waite decks has a very prevalent moon on it. The 8 of cups is about walking away from a situation that has not panned out the way you want it. But with the moon being the primary energy I feel there is a sense of wanting to walk away while not exactly having all the information you need. The disappointment in the situation is ambiguous, the querent may not be sure if they have won or lost — which is a bit of a shock to the system because if we look at the first position, we’re seeing a cycle of identifying & chasing & often winning. So, it’s quite possible there is ambiguity in a current situation that is causing a bit of a problem.

So I want to take a moment to talk about The Moon which is one of my favorite tarot cards because there is another side to it that I feel adds another layer of meaning. More often that not, I will see tarot readers interpret the card rather negatively: secrets among friends and lovers, hidden snares, etc. The argument I have is that the unknown is rather powerful being in that state of hiding. Human beings are often driven to decode that unknown to know all they can. It is a spark of invention. It is our understanding of divinity — all humanities’ ideas of deity starts with being outside of our own comprehension. The Moon symbolizes things bigger than us that pull and shape our understanding of ourselves & our world. I think that can be read rather positively.

& in this particular read the ambiguity that is playing on the querent in this situation quite likely has a lesson. That there is something to their typical approach or typical mindset that is missing a component.

In the third position, we have the Devil clarified by the Knight of Pentacles reversed. The clearest read I have on this is that the querent’s obsession over a situation is holding them back & there is a long road ahead. The Knight of Pentacles is the slowest knight, so it’s given that there is a lot of progress yet to be made — when reversed he’s stalled, stubborn. & The Devil represents being chained in something or addicted to something. So, it’s possible that the querent’s obsession with knowing, with needing an instant yes or no so they can temper their response is stunting them, chaining them to unhealthy thought patterns — perhaps even self-destructive behaviors.

As I was shuffling the Success (6 of discs) card came out with The Devil so I added it in at the end. Success in Thoth indicates material success which can be interpreted as $$ only or as success in manifesting any idea or desire into the real world. Based on the cards, I feel this leans toward the stronger meaning. The Thoth deck pulls yielded almost all majors except for the outlier extra card. Tacking on at the end also has a feeling of success being on the way & that’s really all we can hope for.

The advice in this is to live with the unknown & let it be as it is. When we come back around to that oracle card — there is a strong feeling of needing to know. But there is also a component of deep knowing to both The Eye and The Moon, there is intuition here. Consider that living with the unknown & uncomfortable is okay, it’s thought provoking, it’s inspirational & while you’re waiting for the skies to clear, lean on your intuition rather than your anxiety.

TLDR: Allow yourself to exist with the unknown & don’t let your quest to find answers lead you into unhealthy thought patterns. What you need to know will be apparent soon enough & until then you can lean on your intuition. What is it saying? Are you sure it’s not your anxiety? Check your pulse & take a few deep breaths. Success is coming.


I pulled the following cards:

Literary Witches Oracle: Doll
Thoth: Interference (8 of Swords), Victory (6 of Wands), Indolence (8 of Cups)
Egyptian tarot: Strength (XI), King of Cups, 4 of Pentacles

We start out with the general energy of The Doll which symbolizes “illusions, old wounds, & childhood.”

In the first position we have Interference (8 of swords) clarified by Strength. Interference is a card of blocked energy, deadlocks, & distraction, when clarified by Strength there’s a feeling of the block being self-created, perhaps to protect the querent or someone around them.

In the second position, Victory (6 of Wands) is clarified by the King of Cups. The King of Cups is another card of restraint, while this king is perhaps the most in touch with his internal world of emotions, he is also very stoic on the surface. It is an archetype of feeling deeply while remaining calm and still on the surface. This feeling combined with the previous position makes the “Victory” feel a little shallow. The querent has succeeded in hiding or burying something, perhaps even from their own consciousness, but the cost is starting to manifest as a quite literal block in their day-to-day or creative life — depression, anxiety, writer’s block, etc.

If we circle back to the oracle it’s possible this is something repressed from childhood or just something recent that is reminiscent of old wounds. This could be as simple as having someone react sharply & have that interaction bring up a time when the querent felt small or insecure — leading them to unnecessary cede your power in that moment.

Finally, we have Indolence (8 of Cups) clarified by the 4 of Pentacles. This is definitely a warning. There is a cycle here that needs to break. Perhaps the querent is often going back through this loop of being reminded & reacting based upon something that is long in the past. Indolence is resignation, self-denial, giving up on the situation & the 4 of Pentacles is quite literally holding on. It’s possible the querent has an unhealthy coping mechanism that needs to be broken.

Note: As someone who has gone through this process so many times my heart goes out to anyone in this situation. I had a rough time growing up & would fall back into patterns of disconnecting & shutting out the world over minor trespasses because it was how I coped with being bullied. It was easier to just accept that I was a piece of shit & disconnect, expecting nothing than actually doing the work to reinforce myself & allow myself the same dignity that I would fight to grant to anyone else. It takes a lot of practice & a lot of grace. This is hard work friends, & if this reading resonated, I wish you the absolute best. My inboxes are always open if you are struggling. If I can’t help directly, I can definitely search for resources.

TLDR: Old patterns may seem like they’re working but they are blocking progression. You have to find new, healthy ways to cope with the world & not let old traumas inform your reactions. Protect your feelings & yourself, but do the work & let go of the urge to withdraw & disconnect.

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