Work update / July’s Camp

I want to preface this with another plea for everyone to give what they can to bail funds, BLM funds, medical funds, legal funds, LGBTQ+ funds, etc. right now. I know things are tight for people, but there are also ways you can contribute for free. Here are some resources I’ve found: Bail Funds & Legal Help by City, Homeless Black Trans Women fund, Black Lives Matter on, Trans Women Pandemic Medical Fund, Antiracist Allyship Starter Pack (both donos & links to articles, books, & videos). If you’re strapped for cash but want to educate yourself, here’s a free drive resource of black revolutionary works.

I’ve allowed myself to become very emotionally involved in a lot of current events* & there is some guilt when I admit it has really dragged me. Nobody asked me to care & my ability to help has been greatly hindered by both my superpower of emotional overload & living in relative obscurity in the middle of nowhere. So to sum it up, I feel bad & tired & also feel bad about feeling bad & tired.

That said, this is not a huge problem because now is not the time for my shit & there is zero problem with staying quiet.

I am still functionally on social media because I’m trying to stay up-to-date & retweet things I think are important & also, as I mentioned quickly in my last blog post, I’ve volunteered to help at an indie mag that I truly love & believe in & want to support them as much as I can (Sage Cigarettes, submissions are open, please sub if you can). However, I’ve given up on getting my shit together for my own work for the time being & won’t be promoting anything in the near future on social media.

I also currently have zero subs out/pending. I have a handful of poems that were accepted earlier this spring & are scheduled to be out next month. At that point I will assess how much I will put into it on social media. I will definitely support the mags that have supported me — though I’m pretty bad at social media — but it may be more subdued than normal.

That said, while I’m taking a break from the emotionally arduous task of putting myself out there on social media (though it’s true that I’m shouting into the void, it still takes a lot of mental resources to shout), I’m not taking a break in general. I can’t. All this scattered, too-many-projects, bullshit is how I cope with being stuck in a human body.

So here’s what’s going on rn:

This year’s second Camp NaNoWriMo is in July & I’m not 100% sure yet how I’m going to approach it. & I completely fucked off a week into the April Camp, so I may not be the most solid support, but if anyone is participating & wants to build a cabin or just wants someone to like their goal update posts on Twitter, give me a shout. I still care a lot about NaNo & feel like it gives people an amazing community incentive to focus on their work, so I’ll be around even if I’m not participating.

Anyway, I’m probably going to be quiet on social media in the near future & if there is anything to post I’ll keep it to this blog.

* I’ve seen some INCREDIBLY YIKES Twitter discourse lately & I want to clarify that what I’m exhausted with is NOT using what little platform I have to support pro BLM & LGBTQ+ rights causes or learning about everything I can as a cis straight white woman — but rather listening to the horseshit that people are spewing & trying to spar with ridiculous motherfuckers that are never going to yield their bad opinions. I’ve come to the realization that it’s not a good use of my time or energy. I can do more when I just cut negative racist ass white family out & focus my energy on how I can support the real movement happening out in the streets, which at this point is pretty much calls, petitions, & donos.

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