Things to look forward to

Since all the spring & summer tours have been cancelled or postponed & I’ve been bummed & emo & inconsistent with most of my creative work, I’m going to make a list of things coming out in the next couple of months that keep me going.

This is both as an exercise in being grateful, & an excuse to plug the things that are getting me by.

Here’s what’s coming up in the next couple of months:

  • Rick & Morty returns May 3. I know, I know, but I love this show. I can’t help it. The writing is pretty sharp, there are a ton of dick & butt jokes, & I tend to like the music & animation style. & I can’t help but like Dan Harmon, fellow nerd & probably the only person who correctly responded to being called out for harassment.
  • Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series season 2 will be released May 22. I started watching this series back in the 00’s (thanks to my brother the pirate) & IMO, season 4 was perfect & nothing before or after is as good. “A Man’s Gotta Eat” is a work of art from beginning to end. But I’ll gladly take new eps of both the live action & animated series even though I miss the hell out of the Mike Clattenburg era writing & a lot of the original cast especially John Dunsworth’s Mr. Lahey & Richard Collins’ Philadelphia Collins.
  • Protest the Hero’s Palimpsest is out June 19 & I got overexcited & dropped like $120 of my Malarkey Money on preorder stuff. These guys have been my favorite band since about 2006 & “The Canary” has me super excited for the rest of the album.

Other things I’m stoked about:

  • More Trust Fund Ozu streams. I casually listened to Thank You Scientist for a year or so before they toured with Protest & I really got into the band, & Ozu is a project of TYS’s drummer Joe Fadem. The Ozu album is goofy & addictive & you should listen & watch the livestreams. Side note: I’ve yet to hear a band or project peripheral to TYS that wasn’t worth a listen. So if you have time check out Ozu, Windfaerer, Sentient Moss, We Used to Cut the Grass, Civilians, UFOTOFU… Shit, I’m probably forgetting stuff but they’re easy to find if you check out the band’s subreddit.
  • Continuing to listen to DGD’s Afterburner because the whole band went so hard on this one. & I’m really hoping Tim posts some playthroughs on his YouTube like he did with ArSe because the bass & Jon’s vocals are my favorite parts of this release.
  • More from Nova Charisma & Royal Coda as hinted to on streams. Also, I just want to say that I fucking love Sergio’s IG streams — playing Stolas songs <3, talking with Donovan Melero, Thomas Erak. His conversations are always so positive, even when he’s talking about heavy stuff & I definitely appreciate that right now.
  • I still need to catch up on Castlevania but Netflix glitched out the night I was into binging a show & I haven’t been in that mood again yet. Same thing happened when I tried to watch the last season of Still Game, & I think I still have a few more episodes to go.

Finally, here’s a playlist of some of my favorite new releases.

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