Summer break

Tonight is new moon and I am not going to have time to pull and write my quarterly tarot read.

I had an abnormal Litha, spending most of the day shut up in my office writing. I had a 20k word day rewriting and revising two half-ass old manuscripts that I am weaving together with a refreshed, well-developed common lore.

The week was busy in other ways. I was mostly reading. My TBR pile is stupid right now. I have four different novel-length projects I’m in research mode with. And I obviously hate myself because the project I mentioned in the last paragraph’s research list included shit from Schopenhauer, Saint Germain, & anonymous (“The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz”). I think my brain has been officially liquid since about 3 a.m. Saturday morning.

I’m also obviously writing poetry because I’m reading & writing prolifically & of fucking course I am. I’m still on a sub freeze though, so I’m just building up a nice “ready to go” pile for when I find the time, energy, & emotional space to start researching mags & submitting again.

I’m also working on writing vocal melodies for some music my brother wrote & re-writing a bass part for a song we originally recorded with a group of random friends in maybe 2009? Anyway, the whole mess required me to spend four hours practicing extreme restraint on Thursday because my audiobox software kept crashing & in my head the goddamn thing had already flown through the window. I’m still at an impasse, but the bass notation is getting done so there’s that.

& since I’ve hit a wall w my goofy Hell Trio/Pickleman story, I started putting together the illustrations for the online version. I have a handful of sketches ready, but still have Shitlohush (my buddy’s D&D character) taped to my watercolor board (an old laptop table). I keep tinkering with it & it will probably be another week until I’m done and can move on the next one, longer if I can’t find time to chill the fuck out and sit down and paint.

Anyway, there just hasn’t been time to sit quietly and do the type of deep, connective thinking reading tarot requires & I don’t have room for it today.

I’m about to walk to my parents’ house to check in on my dad for Father’s Day. He’s not been well lately & I’ve been trying to stay away because they are high risk for COVID, but I figure if I stay outside & wear a mask it should be okay. & when I get back home, I have every intention of jumping right back into the revision I’m working on. No stopping until my brain comes dripping out of my ear.

Hell, I’ve got nothing else right now… Well, aside from listening to Palimpsest & The Clouds Hill Tapes, Pt. 1 over and over again. Shit is very good. Though Palimpsest is the elaborate, unbelievable type of good that makes me look at the chill, basic parts I’ve been writing to my brother’s music & feel like a fool.

Doesn’t matter though, I’m learning & creating the things I want to experience & fuck the rest of it.

I’ll be back with another tarot reading on the first quarter moon at the end of the month.

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