Coming to terms & change

When the malarkey money came in I imagined I’d get a new computer & finally get access to the Adobe suite but then I found out those assholes upped the subscription price yet again.

So I paused & considered going the iPad/Procreate route as a work-around for awhile, but when the real heat of everything hit, I realized that I was going to give most of the $$ to streamers, musicians, & bail/blm/legal/food assistance/medical assistance/lgbtq+ funds. & let’s be fair, money’s gone bitch.

I did spend a good amount on musicians trying to offload tour merch for cancelled tours & easily doubled my meager vinyl collection & so I regret nothing.

I would have loved to use inDesign and Photoshop again but Adobe can go fuck themselves for constantly trying to squeeze every cent they can out of small creators.

So I’ve started really working on finding solutions in GIMP, Krita, and Scribus in particular. I’ve also given in to the fact that I’m working with Studio One & Guitar Pro for the foreseeable future & will probably not be able to switch to Apple or go back to the programs I used in college — I will miss Finale the most.

So that said, if anyone has questions about these programs — most are free — get in touch. I missed one someone sent me a while back about Scribus on Insta & I’m sorry, it went to a weird inbox since we didn’t follow each other, & I’m kind of a boomer when it comes to social media so…

All this said, I’m going to be moving webhosts soon as well because I’ve had too many problems with my current host, particularly with the email functions. My new package comes with a free domain, so my hell trio shit will be moving off of my blog & launching on its own domain by the end of Aug. I will likely move the Portlantic City D&D stuff as well.

I want the launch to be big, so as soon as I finish this novel draft (on track to wrap today or tomorrow), I’m going to dive back into the big non-linear project I started before things got heavy. I have some smaller pieces planned as Easter eggs within the story — an illustrated poetry chapbook pdf, an illustrated Pickleman novella pdf, a folk-pop Pickleman EP, a proper recording of Mel’s ballad, some RPG materials, & a crapton of visual art. I’m putting the end of Aug. deadline on myself to force finish these things I’ve had hanging open for awhile, but there’s a chance I overload myself & some things show up later in the year.

Once I get the hell trio project wrapped, I will be working on moving my portfolio over. My hosting here ends in Sept. so I’m going to be making some decisions about what is even worth moving over.

In the interim, if anyone needs hosting for small creative projects, let me know. I’m buying a much bigger hosting package than I need because I’m locking in 2 years & want space to expand.

& if stuff starts disappearing, you know what’s up.

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