The laziest summer

I hit the ground running — quite literally — after leaving my editor job. I had time and expertise and I was going to get healthy and do things.

Then July happened.

Sometime in late July — close to 60 thousand words into my Camp NaNoWriMo draft — my stomach stopped working. I went from daily weight training, running, and yoga interspersed with intense periods of writing to being too sick to eat solid food.

I’m not sure exactly what happened because I’m neither insured nor independently wealthy. I was on a broth and water diet for two weeks and have spent several since switching it up between a liquid diet and a bland diet of mostly oatmeal, apples and boiled veg. Some days I’m still too nauseous to eat, others I do okay.

The last few weeks have made it glaringly obvious that I can’t take my health for granted. I need to be picky with my finite time and resources. So, I want to focus on the things that make me feel alive, which at this point is long-form fiction, reading/research, and playing and writing music for fun. I’m going to scale back on the time I put into poetry/performance, short fiction, and visual art for the time being.

I’m also indefinitely postponing all of my editorial ideas. I managed the journalism thing for four years but my heart is elsewhere.

If everything goes as planned, I will wrap up my six-book dark fantasy series (in first draft) for this year’s NaNoWriMo and switch gears back to the turn-of-the-twentieth-century historical horror project I started in 2015. I hope to have some of this work edited and out in the world by 2021, but will likely be releasing it under pen names.

I’ve also agreed to record some vocals for ASM’s reboot of The Fabric Crown. I am not set to do that until later this winter and I’m guessing that won’t see the light of day until sometime later in 2020.

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