Inktober, week 1

Yup, I’m participating in Inktober this year — both the traditional make an ass of yourself with childish doodles part and the make an ass of yourself but with words “writer’s version.”

I’m sticking to simple poems/prose pieces that take no more than a half hour to put together due to time restrictions — and I’m keeping with the prompt as much as possible.

I’m a little late getting this first week’s work put together to share for reasons. But I have the hang of things a little better now hope to be on time next week.

Day 1: Ring

The joke is there are no corners, really think about that next time you’re trying to sleep.

Leave me to count the corners of the sky
fade in & out of infinity until
each weightless particle is accounted for
unseen against the background energy
stars seen through the time-space veil
run like a pair of cheap nylons —
all our secrets bleeding in & filling
the emptiness of this abandoned place
with radiation & movement & temperature
no one can survive this exploratory run so
leave me to it, to count the borders
of an arc of endless abandon —
I’ll report back when I’m done.

Day 2: Mindless

Empty within, empty without

She didn’t want to dwell on it. To dwell is to inhabit, to define, to give shape to what could be a lifeless thing. The news un-examined is a corpse rotting on someone else’s lawn. Not my lawn, not my dandelions. Thoughts are the beacons that light our realities, our consciousness ever squinting away, weaving the fabric of our stories. To acknowledge such a thing would be a break in the skein, a wine stain spread, ruining an elaborate pattern. No, she’d not dwell on it.

Day 3: Bait

Why won’t brain work?

Let it rot on the vine,
no good can come from
fork tongued castles
in skies cold & hot
at the same time burning
& freezing. It’s no time
for love or fate or
thinking now. Let it go,
surely there are better
things growing elsewhere.

Day 4: Freeze

I realized later that it looks like the ice cube has a dick. But also, I’m fine with that.

Be absolutely still because stillness is the desired state of the universe. So many particles crashing into other particles: stars making light of fatal indigestion & muscles that seize at the mercy of a runaway mind. So desirable to simply be in spite of a world that would drag you could it just get the proper grip.

Day 5: Build

” Look at this fantasy. / Why won’t you live it with me?”

Mind is a hammer
blunt instrument
breaking days into
hours & minutes
where I’m choking
on water & crying
in 3/4 ballad mood;
each thought a spike
driven between two others
never meaning to be alike
together for better or
worse than anything else
I’ve written. Grow walls
and this one will knock
them down.

Day 6: Husky

The blues is when you try to sketch your dog and come up with a fat, disproportionate tube-wolf with skinny legs.

Width by bite,
if only I could swallow
the bitterest part of this
pith & core, worse worn
on the hips, deadlines
made me wish I was dead
& with each mouthful —
I defied.

Day 7: Enchanted

This flower may be wearing heels, but it is also slam dancing. Grace is overrated.

Never one for fairy tales, I called down the stars from the sky. Lining each beam to beam until the light washed the fevered landscape gray & white — between the lines I rewrote old tales with science in mind. Fae became flesh and monsters were men. Ethereal mists lost their shimmer and witches were just women who wished they could be left alone. Perfectly attainable, I reassured as I sent them into the perfectly normal shade of a typical autumn afternoon. There is no lonelier time than right now.

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