Doing stuff — Novel development

My long-form work is typically entirely unseen. There’s a few reasons for this, but primarily it follows that the process is a massive pain the in ass & I have no intention of pubbing any long-form work under any permutation of my legal name.

However, this is something I’ve been doing for years & have a pretty solid process for. I’ve learned quite a bit on my own & remain very open to learning from others. So while I have no intention of openly sharing my in process works publicly, I wanted to create a public page to share pieces of my process.

I made this decision because a) discussion & transparency of creative processes is kind of what I do, b) I would love feedback on my research lists & other elements of my process.

Current research

I don’t write a lot of non-fic but prefer to read widely for fictional works to shore up the lore that creates the backbone of the plot. I like basing any magical, paranormal, or philosophical systems in historical truths or tested ideas. The research process tends to ground my weird shit & give it a slight veneer of legitimacy.

Suggestions or comments on any of these lists is greatly appreciated.

Contemporary paranormal romance wip

For this project I’m looking for practical alchemy texts, symbolic or coded texts, & philosophies dealing with will and ego dissolution.

  • “The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz”
  • Sigismond Backstrom “Backstrom’s Alchemical Anthology”
  • Aleister Crowley “Basic Techniques of Sex Magick”
  • Frater IVIVI “Liber IAO”
  • Johannes Keppler “Harmonies of the World”
  • Lao Tzu “Tao Te Ching”
  • Jeffrey Raff “Jung and the Alchemical Imagination”
  • Saint Germain “Intermediate Studies in Alchemy”
  • Arthur Shopenhauer “The World as Will and Representation”
  • AE Waite “What is Alchemy?”
  • Brian Weiss “Only Love is Real”

Historical paranormal western wip

For this project I’m looking for books outlining the history of the pacific northwest around the turn of the twentieth century, books pertaining to Greek myth (especially anything related to the fates), & books about American folk music.

  • Harold Barto “History of the State of Washington”
  • Thomas Bulfinch “Myths of Greece and Rome”
  • Bud Fritz “Ghosts of Blewett”
  • Homer “The Illiad”
  • Ruby Hult “Northwest Disaster”
  • Walter Kolneder “The Amadeus Book of the Violin”
  • Gary Krist “White Cascade”

Contemporary paranormal romance wip #2

For this project I’m looking for info on tulpas, auras, malicious hauntings, & the history of the Dayton, Ohio area. Regarding tulpas, I’m more interested in stories like The Phillip Experiment vs. the cringe Bronie stuff (trying not to pass judgment but I have had full body cringe experiences reading through some of it).

  • “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”
  • Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater “Thought Forms”
  • Swami Panchadasi “The Human Aura”