Day three


Holy shit, I made it through day three.

I’m not feeling particularly creative lately & plugging away at these projects has already become a bit of a chore because — holy fuck the world is burning I just want to lay in bed and scream most of the time.

But I’m getting through it & just finishing the Twine project alone would be a huge win. I’ve been trolling my friends with pieces of that story for months, but didn’t realize what a huge undertaking it was. I’m guessing I will have close to 100 individual sections by the time I’m through.

Anyway, onto today’s work…

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Day two

Me before I got locked down in a country with a failing, decaying, for-profit medical system — imagine how blasphemous I am feeling now.

Hey, I’m still rolling with this writing challenge shit. Not giving up just yet!

Today our governor, Jay Inslee, extended the “Stay home, stay healthy” restrictions (a fluffy, upbeat shelter in place order) through May 4. So, it seems I’ve little better to do for the rest of the month.

While Seattle is slowing down, it seems like eastern Washington is gearing up. And while it pains me to say it — I expect it will be a lot worse here because the few times I have gone out to pick up groceries I was really annoyed at what I saw. People are out everywhere acting as if nothing is wrong — heavy traffic, crowded sidewalks, huge groups of people clustered together without even homemade masks…

Hopefully, I’m just being a joyless asshole, but I have a nagging feeling I’m not and there will be real hell to pay for this.

Anyway, onward to the art that shall distract me from the misery of it all…

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Day one

I’m all about fighting the darkness w pickles & questionable “art.”

It’s April 1st, the first day of National Poetry Writing Month, National Poetry Month, & Camp NaNoWriMo.

I plan to write daily posts — *slaps roof of blog* this baby can fit so much weird laugh-crying, is this art? But is it, motherfucker?

Luckily, I can’t tag art decider in here, but I can make myself post every day even if all I offer is a whiny admission that brain no worky & a short ramble about a piece of work I like much more than my own.

My plan is to have structured posts sharing a favorite piece of poetry & a quick paragraph or two about how the piece affected me personally; my own daily efforts for the NaPoWriMo program; and if applicable, a quick ramble about other shit I did to pad my camp count.

So without further bullshit, let’s roll into today’s selections…

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Throwback: Revisiting a prose poem I wrote in 2017

When I wrote “Love Song for the New Order” I was aware of its spice.

The poem came as the result of a conversation I had with friends about a news story involving a neo-Nazi being punched in the face on the street.

My initial response was LOL because I was unsupervised on the internet for most of my formative years and I’m hardly housebroken. But as we talked they brought up some good points.

I think I ended that part of the conversation by blushing and saying, of course you’re right. And they were.

But then I did as I do, I thought about it. A lot.

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Dangerick Moves: My DM debut, part one

Note: This post contains spoilers from Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty “Lost Dungeon of Rickedness” campaign.

General explanation for my alleged social life.

I’m stoked to report that my first run as dungeon master was nowhere near as messy as I’d initially predicted.

Unsure of my off-the-cuff skillz, I took a few simple steps to mitigate likely issues:

  • I went by the book. I used “The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy” campaign and improvised as needed. I read through the adventure ahead of time and did some advance brainstorming of where I could get weirder with it.
  • I kept the party small. I had three players pilfered from our regular bimonthly D&D group: our primary DM, a guy who has been gaming since before I was born, & a fellow relative newbie to tabletop gaming.
  • I did not drink. I’m perfectly capable of peopleing sober and I am grossly offended that you would insinuate otherwise, you fuck.

We didn’t do bad either, we cleared 8 of 39 rooms in a roughly 2 hour session and experienced only one party-member death — it was the tank and it was well fucking deserved.

After the cut is a rough narrative of the first 4 rooms. I’ll cover the second half of our adventure next week.

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I’m calling it. I’m out — at least partway, but I’ll get to that.

Honestly, I first considered quitting a couple days into the month but felt a lot of emotional resistance & wanted to stick it out.

But after looking things over I realized that if I press through at this point I’m just making a shit ton more work for myself in first edit.

While that’s acceptable — and putting off the misery is a comfortable habit — I’ve decided it’s not the wisest use of my time this month.

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Inktober, week 3

Okay, this is really late and some are only sketches — shit got busy.

#NaNoWriMo is so damn close and I found another book on the Wellington disaster at a book sale. So, I’m spending all my prep time researching a tiny element of the story and falling behind on frigging everything as I tend to do.

I’ll be posting week 4 within the next couple of days.

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