Call for submissions

I’ve recently joined the team at Sage Cigarettes Magazine & I’m so stoked to work with them.

Sage Cigarettes is a wonderful, inclusive, witchy, progressive, healing venue for art from creatives of all backgrounds.

We are looking for photography, art, poetry, & prose that explore the current state of the world — quarantine, isolation, civil unrest, anything inspired by the current crises.

We are a paying market. For more details check out our submissions page at

National hole up in your office & write while weeping month

I’m a barely-cohesive mess at times, but here we go… It’s almost April & Camp NaNoWriMo/National Poetry Writing Month are upon us.

As long as I don’t have another digestive episode* or get the damn virus, I will be writing and weeping along with you all.

I’m going to follow along with NaPoWriMo, continue editing “Created,” & continue working on my non-linear hell trio bit & record my cumulative word count.

I’ve set up my profile on NaNoWriMo & writing buddies are welcomed.

I’m hoping to hit 20k overall. I decided to keep my goal lower than a typical camp run because a) I’m also working on a few art & music projects that I can’t track and b) it’s the middle of a fucking pandemic.

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