Day one

I’m all about fighting the darkness w pickles & questionable “art.”

It’s April 1st, the first day of National Poetry Writing Month, National Poetry Month, & Camp NaNoWriMo.

I plan to write daily posts — *slaps roof of blog* this baby can fit so much weird laugh-crying, is this art? But is it, motherfucker?

Luckily, I can’t tag art decider in here, but I can make myself post every day even if all I offer is a whiny admission that brain no worky & a short ramble about a piece of work I like much more than my own.

My plan is to have structured posts sharing a favorite piece of poetry & a quick paragraph or two about how the piece affected me personally; my own daily efforts for the NaPoWriMo program; and if applicable, a quick ramble about other shit I did to pad my camp count.

So without further bullshit, let’s roll into today’s selections…

Day one read

My first poetry selection is “Mock Orange.” Read it all via the Poetry Foundation.

In my mind tonight
I hear the question and pursuing answer
fused in one sound
that mounts and mounts and then
is split into the old selves,
the tired antagonisms. Do you see?
We were made fools of.

“Mock Orange” Louise Gluck

The first time I read “Mock Orange” I was blown away by the sharpness of it, the exactness. The language pulls at the idea of romantic union like a flower being plucked of its petals. The mock orange flower being one oft used in bridal bouquets, the bloom itself symbolizing gentleness & nurturing, traditionally female traits.

All the symbolism & deeper readings aside, the poem appealed to me on a surface level as a relatively aromantic woman. While I can see the criticisms of greater structures, I am drawn in because I too hate the fake sense of union, the fake romance, the romantic promises that cannot amount to anything.

We are always, no matter how close we feel, ultimately alone & should be comfortable with that.

Day one poetry

This is mixed media — watercolor, acrylic, & oil pastel — created in reaction to the prompts from the metaphor generator.

The prompt was to write something that compared the speaker’s life with a specific object. The object I chose was the Medusa Nebula. The choice was prompted by the provided online metaphor generator, which actually gave me: above the tender unpalatable emission nebula, along the displeasing waterfalls, & within the distressing lava tubes.

below the tender, unpalatable nebula

Embraced by a tangle of strings —
wire & wisp turning in the empty black,
seven stars like fingertips poking through
the nothing that looks far away now & 
the nothing that we will all soon be.

Count each thread as it burns —
red in the hollow, green at the edges,
all feeling overwritten, negated by
the one that is coming next, ring 
after ring wound into waterfalls,

the backlit dreams of beauty’s
dread reality — as above, so inside,
still the same inside our dreams
as we close our windows & wonder
what threads we’ve already severed

& how much of up there is coiled up 
inside, around, & in between; filling 
the empty black with light & overwriting 
the things we felt before.

Day one Camp update

My cumulative word count for the day was 2,511 words. I’m tracking my progress in a special throwaway Scrivener doc, pasting in pieces from various in process docs.

  • I wrote the above poem, obv.
  • I re-wrote / edited a section and a half of my current in process novel project.
    “Created” is a paranormal romance centered around a wannabe magician who creates a series of tulpas to solve his problems while unknowingly calling in something far more malignant.
  • I wrote two scenes for my non-linear project I’m creating with Twine.
    “The Hell Trio go to the Man Buffet: A Fuck Around and Find out Story” is a fucking ridiculous humor story in the Hell Trio AU.

Playlists are incredibly important to me, especially right now when shit is crazy in the world. The ones I’m using for my current projects are: Heck off Anxiety (upbeat and/or chill shit for the calm), Write Now (a mix of rando albums I’ve used mostly for “Created”), and Drown (mostly Zeal & Ardor, Ghost, Daughters, & Soundgarden originally for “The Devil Rode West” which I’m not writing yet because I still have a crazy amount of research to wrap).

If you have writing playlists or even just artist or album suggestions, feel free to dm me on social media or email me at

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