LE Francis

Some of the following things are true:

  • I’m a millennial with a grudge against industry in general.
  • When it comes to sociopolitical philosophy: Marx is daddy & earth-based, empathy-centered spirituality is moms.
  • As a narrative fiction writer, I’m a character-sheet archetype junkie. My character sheet may read: “4w5, INFJ, gemini, active bitch face/cries easily.”
  • If I start reading something & I get distracted or bored, I’ll drop it. But if I start reading something and it’s awful & makes me wish I was dead, I will read it and complain a lot.
  • I can’t play most video games because I will puke.
  • On most weekends, I either am a keeper of arcane lore or a gnomish druid named Beefy whose fursona is a guts-eating giant spider.
  • I’m a former choir nerd & spent my early twenties in a god-awful but scrappy power metal-black metal fusion project called Thine Eternal. LISTEN TO ME SING LIKE FIVE WORDS ON ASM’S “ANGOLA.”
  • If I had a time machine I would fight Lord Byron, befriend Keats, and get bombed on laudanum with Coleridge.
  • Hell trio fuck/marry/kill for the record: Fuck Mel because he’s the only one who gets close to being an acceptable person; marry Gordy & send him directly “off to the continent” so I can haunt his library in peace; and kill H.D. because nope.

TLDR: here’s a playlist of songs that get me