LE Francis

The mag-friendly short bio:

LE Francis is a recovering arts journalist writing poetry & fiction of varying length from the rainshadow of the Washington Cascades.

Her work has recently appeared in Coffin Bell, Crepe & Penn, littledeath, Elephants Never, Sage Cigarettes, & Mookychick. She has work forthcoming in Mineral Lit.

Longer introduction

You can call me LE (Ellie), I use she/her pronouns & I live in rural Eastern Washington state.

I am currently on staff at Sage Cigarettes & they are the absolute best. <3

I mostly write. I am a freelance writer & editor & used to work as an arts & entertainment writer & editor for a small town newspaper (here’s some more info about my professional background). I enjoy writing poetry, articles, short stories, RPG materials, & novels. I am endlessly fascinated with the creative process & love to talk & write about it.

I am also a very unaccomplished musician. I was in competitive vocal programs throughout my school years, but ended up knocked back several pegs after developing severe reflux as a manifestation of celiac disease. I dabble in playing ukulele, bass, guitar, & melodica & enjoy writing little jingles to go along with my stories. Some of my goofy jingles are up on my Instagram & I did guest vocals for A Stagnant Motion’s “Angola.”

I also enjoy messing around with visual art including sketching, painting, digital design & layout, collage, & decoupage. But I rarely get to practice, so I’m mostly shit at it all.

Note on identity

I want to cover most of the things that would be important to a potential lit editor on this page & lately a lot of calls have specifically targeted work from certain underrepresented marginalized identities.

While, I’m careful not to send work into those specific calls, I understand that editors may prefer to prioritize BIPOC and certain LGBTQ+ groups even in general calls & I support that 100%.

The short of is: if you’re looking for a marginalized voice, you should pass on my work. I am a white cis woman & present as such.

Now for the ways my identity/experience does kind of vary: I identify as a gray pansexual & manage chronic mental (panic disorder, depression, & agoraphobia) & physical (celiac disease & polycystic ovary syndrome) ailments but I currently manage well & am not disabled.

Note on politics

I interact with politics openly on my social media & do not separate my personal account from my work/art account, so my politics are openly on display among my art & lit community engagement. I understand this can be problematic for some editors.

Honestly though, a lot of my poetry & short fic is political, even if it doesn’t clearly read on the surface. So, if you are an editor & see my politics as a potential problem, I would prefer you pass on my work. If you have any questions, please let me know.

For clarity’s sake, my sociopolitical ideas are squarely in the libertarian left quadrant of the political compass — I tend to gravitate toward anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-communist, or council communist ideologies.

That said, I engage with the electoral system with harm reduction in mind & while I may find the edgy larpy stuff amusing, I tend to be pretty chill in practice.

But why am I here?

I wrote a long-ass blog post detailing why I can be an insufferable cheerleader & won’t go away even though I suck.

The short of it is: the world is absurd, blah blah, we make our own meaning. & for me, the connective nature of creative shit is it.

I may suck at 99% of what I do, but I also don’t give a fuck. I’m going to keep going & keep getting better, even if it takes a long time.

If you’re still interested…