LE Francis

The mag-friendly short bio:

LE Francis is a recovering arts journalist writing poetry & fiction of varying length from the rainshadow of the Washington Cascades.

Her work has recently appeared in Coffin Bell, Crepe & Penn, littledeath, Elephants Never, Sage Cigarettes, & Mookychick. She has work forthcoming in Mineral Lit.

Why am I here?

I wrote a long-ass blog post detailing why I can be an insufferable cheerleader & won’t go away even though I suck.

The short of it is: the world is absurd, blah blah, we make our own meaning. & for me, the connective nature of creative shit is it. I may suck at 99% of what I do, but I also don’t give a fuck. I’m going to keep going & keep getting better, even if it takes a long time.

The only physical fight I’ve ever been in was when I was at a show & Protest the Hero was opening & a few rude, greasy boys in the pit decided to shoot spitballs at them. I had never heard the band before that day but I pushed some moist boys down for them & now Protest just happens to be my all-time fave.

Thing is… No, I don’t like everything, nobody does. But that doesn’t mean that the people making things I’m not into now won’t go on to make things that will absolutely change my life later. & even if they always make shit that I don’t like, it’s better to nurture people’s talents where we can.

Besides, my opinion doesn’t really matter & neither does yours. We should probably use the tiny bit of pull we have to be positive about something we care about.

This doesn’t mean don’t engage honestly with art you find bad, or don’t joke & mess around & confess your deep-seated need to fight Mr. Darcy (come on now). But don’t tear someone down for making an attempt. I think don’t be an asshole is a good rule in general.

The caveat to all this is if you’re a fascist, fuck off. I don’t care about your shitty art and fuck you.

Um, claimer I guess?

As I interact more in leftist communities on social media, I felt like I should write up some kind of warning for potential editors/publishers.

My sociopolitical ideas are squarely in the libertarian left quadrant of the political compass — I tend to land around anarcho-syndicalist, an-com, or council communist ideologies, but nothing is really a perfect fit.

I actually enjoy reading theory, but my views are primarily informed by my experience growing up poor in a rural, conservative community. Also, while I like to read widely I don’t have a lot of formal education — my AAS took me almost a decade to pay off with shitty minimum wage jobs.

I follow leftist streamers & podcasters on social media & may occasionally comment. I’m not interested in the whole dirtbag v. sjw, left-eating-itself scene. I love & support wholesome streamers with nuanced intersectional takes like The Serfs, but also regularly listen to Chapo & can be entertained by something, even if I disagree or feel the analysis requires more. I feel there’s a space for a variety of approaches as long as we’re punching up.

I try to keep my socials mild & mostly avoid drama, but spice is a possibility.

A lot of my poetry & short fic is political, but may not clearly read on the surface. So, if you are an editor & see my politics as a potential problem, I would prefer you pass on my work. If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you’re still interested…