LE Francis

The mag-friendly short bio:

LE Francis is a recovering arts journalist writing poetry & fiction of varying length from the rainshadow of the Washington Cascades.

Her work has recently appeared in Crepe & Penn, littledeath, Elephants Never, Sage Cigarettes, Mookychick, Nightingale and Sparrow, & Marías at Sampaguitas.

Why am I here?

I wrote a long-ass blog post detailing why I can be an insufferable cheerleader & won’t go away even though I suck.

The short of it is: in a world where everything sucks, the meaning I choose to create is through artsy shit. I may suck at 99% of it, but I also don’t give a fuck.

I will fight you if you are being mean to people just trying to do/get better at their art (unless their message is racist, sexist, w/e — then I’ll fight with you).

No, I don’t like everything, nobody does. But that doesn’t mean that the people making shit that I don’t like now won’t go on to make shit I will like later. It’s better to nurture people’s talents where we can.

Besides, my opinion doesn’t really matter & neither does yours. We should probably use the tiny bit of pull we have to be positive about something we care about.

Um, claimer I guess?

As I interact more in leftist communities on social media, I felt like I should write up some kind of warning for potential editors/publishers.

My sociopolitical ideas have been squarely in the libertarian left quadrant for at least the last decade. I actually enjoy reading theory, but my views are primarily informed by my experience growing up poor in a rural, conservative community.

I follow leftist streamers & podcasters & occasionally comment. I don’t do the dirtbag/sjw dichotomy. I like wholesome streamers with nuanced intersectional takes like The Serfs, but also regularly listen to Chapo & enjoy laughing until I feel slightly less crazy.

I try to keep my socials mild & mostly avoid drama, but spice is a possibility.

A lot of my poetry & short fic is political, but may not clearly read on the surface. So, if you are an editor & see my politics as a potential problem, I would prefer you pass on my work. If you have any questions, please let me know.

If you need more info to dox or laugh or whatever…