Coming to terms & change

When the malarkey money came in I imagined I’d get a new computer & finally get access to the Adobe suite but then I found out those assholes upped the subscription price yet again.

So I paused & considered going the iPad/Procreate route as a work-around for awhile, but when the real heat of everything hit, I realized that I was going to give most of the $$ to streamers, musicians, & bail/blm/legal/food assistance/medical assistance/lgbtq+ funds. & let’s be fair, money’s gone bitch.

I did spend a good amount on musicians trying to offload tour merch for cancelled tours & easily doubled my meager vinyl collection & so I regret nothing.

I would have loved to use inDesign and Photoshop again but Adobe can go fuck themselves for constantly trying to squeeze every cent they can out of small creators.

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