Things to look forward to

Since all the spring & summer tours have been cancelled or postponed & I’ve been bummed & emo & inconsistent with most of my creative work, I’m going to make a list of things coming out in the next couple of months that keep me going.

This is both as an exercise in being grateful, & an excuse to plug the things that are getting me by.

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Ukulele post: I’ll be your song

This song is a whole cornfield & I can’t help but stan.

I’m good at love songs. \m/

From Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie,” “(Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song” is a sweet ballad that happens to use the right chords as I continue my quest to throw as many C major songs as possible at D.

The original notation I found used in Bb the last line of the chorus — which I think may actually be there in the second chorus when you repeat the line — however for our uses I’m going to sub in Bdim7.

Bb is a lot more comfortable for my spindly alien fingers, but the dim7 chord fits better to my ear on initial playthroughs. The Bb is more drama & def feels like spice for the last chorus.

Also, I subbed in Dm for the D & it rings right to me.

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Day 25 thru 27

I’ve got this!

This entry marks me shaving down my selections to links.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, which is why I dropped things pretty quickly into the first week.

I seem to actually have less time now that I’m isolated. & I over-booked myself in several ways thinking I’d have more time to take on new projects.

I feel like jotting down & sharing first drafts of a stanza or two is helpful on several levels & I’m still committed to finishing these exercises, but I’m probably going to be running into May catching up.

Ukulele post — One Tin Soldier

Something, something, my approach to new mediums/instruments…

I’ve been trying to pull anyone & everyone who will listen into playing ukulele with me. It’s probably one of the most accessible instruments — with decent quality ukes priced around $100 & what I’d consider a more compact & easy to use fretboard compared to guitar & bass (as someone who plays all three instruments).

I also feel like if you’re creating work in any other medium, diving into music is not just fun but another chance to be inspired & connect with art.

I’m going to spare the extended sales pitch, but if you’re interested, I post bits of things on my Instagram & post here from time to time. I recently posted a short clip that included chords in the key of C major. The next step was finding some music that utilized those chords.

Easy enough, Kate Rusby’s version of “Blooming Heather” is a perfect spring song, Hole’s “Petals” also has the spring vibe. Then there’s “Love Me Like Music I’ll Be Your Song” from Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie” album (prob one of my all time favorite albums) and “Just Say” by Fastbacks. & I will get to those songs…

But what I landed on for my first song using these chords is “One Tin Soldier” by Coven, which happens to be the theme to the 1971 film “Billy Jack.” Why would I go at this first even though there’s a key change & it’s not even particularly springy?

I’m actually working through these with fam I’m trying to get started on ukulele & she happens to be living with my parents during this quarantine period. This is relevant because “Billy Jack” is my mom’s favorite movie & “One Tin Soldier” is one of her favorite songs. So, I’m admittedly using my influence to get D into something my mom will definitely appreciate. 🙂

So, let’s get this laid out…

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Day sixteen thru eighteen

I did.

I’ve fallen quite behind & the month is almost over, but I’m not done. So, I’m going to post them as I get them.

My in process art is part of the reason why I was falling behind — I’ve started working on some projects that require more than an hour of me sipping tea & watching The Serfs to get through.

I will try to post photography or other stuff as I can.

So let’s go…

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Geeking out about it

I’ve already written a bad book review about this series & I’m fuckin’ embarrassed because I can’t stop getting pulled back in.

My idea of romance

I’m not a romance reader & while I see why people are attracted to the genre, it’s just not my thing. & Outlander is not just abnormal for my reading habits but also includes a lot of romance tropes that specifically annoy me, in addition to having two main characters that I just. don’t. like.

Also, it’s a literal mom series & makes me feel old. I know it’s a stupid critique, but I was talking to my mom about shows to watch in quarantine & I found out she watched both this & Versailles & was excited I had liked them. & while my mom is awesome & let me read Whitley Streiber & Stephen King when I was in elementary school, I don’t want to believe I’m full-on turning into her just yet.

But I just can’t stop…

Spoilers for both the book & TV series are ahead.

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Day eight & nine

All the energy of just dropping these awful drafts & going on with my life.

I have two poems to post tonight.

One is absolute ass but working within the prompt given by NaPoWriMo. The other does not follow the prompt at all & came to me on a whim before I even checked the site. But I’m counting it because I’m desperate & also quite comfortable believing that it’s not something I can edit into a sub.

Because I have two poems, I will also share two selections. Let’s go.

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Day seven

Current state of quarantine.

I’m officially a week behind in posting & I’m switching over to 100% NaPoWriMo posts to staunch the bleed.

Thing is, there is a lot to do now. All the busyness of spring has been met with needing to somehow find a way to adapt a myriad of different little routines to account for staying home & keeping it in order.

Additionally, I have days where all I do is paint or practice an instrument.

I’m trying to come to my desk daily to deal with poetry as I also have active subs that need to be kept up. I have four poems forthcoming (Crepe & Penn, Mineral Lit, & Little Death) on top of the first draft prompt-based stuff I’m posting here. & I’m also managing a seeking publication pile at least 20-deep that requires undue fiddling & sending out to mags.

That doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up on the 30 poems challenge. I’ve fallen behind & am obviously not following the rules to a T, but I’m going to keep rolling.

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LE’s grand theory of doing shit

This is the first of three articles about how my philosophical & spiritual ideas inform my creative work. I’m writing these in spring of 2020 in the throes of isolation, presented with a unique opportunity to sit with my thoughts.

I am good at lots of things.

I know it’s the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo & National Poetry Month. I know I should be sticking to the things I have set goals for. But the twin influence of isolation & immersion in my projects has my roots itching. & so I’m going to freewrite a bit about why I am the insufferable way I am & why I love all the people who do the things they do.

I’m promising no specific organization & stumble forward with the rustiest non-fic organizational instinct remembered from my days of working at a community newspaper.

The good news is that this blog is in large an exercise of how much of my voice the void can swallow. & if you are out there in the void making your own shit, I love you and here’s why…

It all started with William Blake.

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Day six

Ok, so I fell another day behind.


I have excuses but it doesn’t really matter. While it’s important to take my goals seriously, times are strange & my first priority is making sure I’m taking care of basic needs.

While I hope all is well with any soul kind enough to read my void shouting, my selected poem of the day is a little dark considering. So, if you’re not 100%, maybe give it a scroll past right now.

Here we goooooo….

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