Dangerick Moves: My DM debut, part one

Note: This post contains spoilers from Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty “Lost Dungeon of Rickedness” campaign.

General explanation for my alleged social life.

I’m stoked to report that my first run as dungeon master was nowhere near as messy as I’d initially predicted.

Unsure of my off-the-cuff skillz, I took a few simple steps to mitigate likely issues:

  • I went by the book. I used “The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy” campaign and improvised as needed. I read through the adventure ahead of time and did some advance brainstorming of where I could get weirder with it.
  • I kept the party small. I had three players pilfered from our regular bimonthly D&D group: our primary DM, a guy who has been gaming since before I was born, & a fellow relative newbie to tabletop gaming.
  • I did not drink. I’m perfectly capable of peopleing sober and I am grossly offended that you would insinuate otherwise, you fuck.

We didn’t do bad either, we cleared 8 of 39 rooms in a roughly 2 hour session and experienced only one party-member death — it was the tank and it was well fucking deserved.

After the cut is a rough narrative of the first 4 rooms. I’ll cover the second half of our adventure next week.

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