Ukulele post: Tighter & Tighter

The first time I saw a Soundgarden video, I wasn’t supposed to see it.

It was the late ’90s & we still had a wooden box-style ’80s era TV that took up huge chunk of the living room in the drab-brown double-wide trailer I grew up in.

My parents went to bed early, so after 8 p.m. the living room was abandoned & the door to their bedroom was shut to keep our Miniature Schnauzer Doogie in & out of mischief. They had a TV in their room & slept with it on, allowing us to get away with a good amount of noise elsewhere in the house.

Later in the evening, my brother & I would sneak out of our rooms & meet in front of the TV in hopes of catching a rerun of Beavis & Butt-Head without dad’s head exploding. It was during one of those evenings when I first heard Soundgarden, drifting through the shrieking & cackling of the dumbass duo — “A black hole is like this giant bunghole in outer space…”

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2019: Music

I’m a pro dancer, just ask anyone who has witnessed me seizing at a show.

It’s almost the end of the year & social media is full of people posting their end of the year/decade Spotify wraps.

I’ve really only used Spotify for a few months, but I’ve been using for years (and it includes all my recent Spotify plays) so I’m going to use that data & write a bit about the old standards & new releases that got me through this flaming garbage barge of a year.

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