Ukulele post: Learn a cursed song with me!

Stringy-things that you can make all kinds of irritating sounds with.

Ukulele is the perfect intro instrument for people who want to engage further with music but lack the experience or formal instruction. Concert ukuleles are cheap and offer an easy in if you want to get better acquainted with a song or music in general.

I also argue that it’s a great hobby for writers. When my writing is not going so well, I tend to pick up an instrument and hope it will all work itself out through thinky magic. Strangely enough, it seems to work.

Ukulele is the least hassle, its the easiest to clean, tune, and keep in working condition. To my elongated alien fingers, a concert ukulele has a well-proportioned fretboard — neither too roomy nor crowded. Additionally, it travels well and newcomers will find that the nylon strings are easier on the fingers than nickle-wound guitar or bass strings or razorwire violin strings.

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